Collin County Bowhunters Association

Club Meeting December 17, 2019 7:00 PM


Steve Seals

Eugene Skinner

Charles Alexander-new VP

Freddie Crowder

Neal Kuznar

Wayne Meuir

Craig Wermske

Allyson Lawhon

TREASURY REPORT: Steve Milewski unavailable for report


Budget: Steve Milewski unavailable for report

Insurance: Steve Milewski needs 2019-member list, Craig Wermske to send via email

New target purchasing:

Workday was rescheduled to 01/18, 01/19

Tournament: Dates set for

Renewal of PO Box: ____?_____ will send in


Election of officers:

Bank signatures:

Banking balance: approx. $4000

Rent due on land:

$1500 due 01/2020

$900-$1000 insurance

$1500 new”ish” targets*

Growing the organization:

Get quotes for new target trailer and/or roof repair to existing trailer

*we have purchased 21 McKenzie 3-D targets for $1200 on 01/03/20; some may inserts replaced in future