Members present: Steve Seals, Steve Milewski, Freddie Crowder, Charles Alexander, Wayne Meuir, Randy Probst

Financial Report: After transferring some funds from Paypal to checking to cover targets and cores we had about 1600 dollars total both accounts. Receipts were turned in tonight for mileage for target pickup, and food and drink receipts for the last shoot. We have a check about to go for the toilets which leaves us about 1000.00 after all is paid. Discussion was made on importance of watching funds to achieve our goal of 2500.00 at the end of the year.

Old business: Discussion was made regarding getting new targets in place on the static range. Targets will be fixed on top of telephone pole bases for about 5 inches of elevation with T-posts in the rear for support. Steve S has T-posts and 2 more telephone poles to bring in to add to the ones we already have on the property. Will have these in place by TBOT shoot at the latest.

New Business: Steve S introduced a motion to accept Braley Williams as a new Charter member pending payment of additonal $100. Vote was unanimous and he was approved.

Medals were inventoried for kids for club shoot and decision was made to order more from Pyro custom coatings. Same design as before with the exception of leaving any kind of date off the award so they can be carried over to future events

Discussion on getting stakes prepared for ASA and we have enough will repaint what we have

Discussion on tournament this weekend. Targets will be set on Fri A.M. about 9 using a 15 target course set on our normal trails to the west behind the club house. Lanes will be set keeping in mind forecast calls for rain on Saturday.

Charles will pick up drinks and ice and Wayne will pick up hot dogs and supplies to supplement what we have already for food this weekend.

ASA payout formula was located for payout on Sun. Money from food donations and entries will be used or change for the payback.

Entry forms need to be printed and Steve S agreed to take care of it initially. Jeanette offered to take care of this in subsequent phone conversation post meeting. We need about 50 -75 forms for the next 2 club shoots total. The forms are in the drop box.

Meeting was adjourned.