Location: San Miguel Grill, McKinney, TX

Members Present: Steve Seals, Freddie Crowder, Richard Crowder, Jeanette Vaughan, Neal

Kuznar, Charles Alexander, Randy Probst, Wayne Muir, Eugene Skinner. Guests – Mrs. Seals, Mrs. Skinner.

CALL TO ORDER: 7:05 PM by Steve Seals

TREASURY REPORT: Neil Kuznar subbing for Steve Milewski


Items owed: $1500 for lease

$ 300? for insurance

Account balances:

Paypal: ?

Bank Acct: approximately $300. Cash left after that for close of 2017

Less $200 accrued of unclaimed ASA payouts from checks not cashed

Steve M. mentioned that ratification of new signees to accounts still needs to be completed for Neil

Kuznar. Jeanette Vaughan also needs to be added and provide paperwork to the bank. Also need to

remove Michael Jarvis from the account.

Contact at bank: Becky, Citizens State Bank, Princeton. 972-734-2426

Jeanette Vaughan stated that she had of this date not followed up with Becky at the bank but will do so in early 2018.

Steve M. gave Neall the information and check for the ASA insurance.


Targets were purchased from Jimmy Gould. Jimmy’s house burned to the ground about two weeks ago. Steve was going to dry by, but not after hearing that. All archery stuff was not affected.

Wayne is going to repair the old targets as previously discussed when weather warm enough. Wayne still needs to get the kit.


Memberships - Steve Seals

Discussion on what the prices were going to be for 2018. Wayne suggested as in a previous meeting that the overall prices for individual and family memberships be reduced. Much input from the group. Long discussion about the pros and cons. Steve Seals pointed out other groups membership rates, such as Archers for Christ, Emory, and Cinnamon Creek. Motion was made by Jeanette that individual memberships be reduced to $50 and that family memberships be reduced to $70 Freddie Crowder seconded motion. Vote was taken. Neal Kuznar opposed. Motion carried.

Ways to advertise memberships discussed. All need to post on social media about upcoming season. Also advertised at other tournaments if attended. Promote family and free range access for practice.

Steve Seals brought up a discussion about rolling over late joiner’s memberships if they joined after Thanksgiving. Again, discussion with all about pros and cons of this. That idea received negative feedback. Randy Probst brought up that the by-laws would have to be changed. No motion brought to change. Memberships for the calendar year will stand as in the by-laws.

Schedule for 2018 –

Workdays for January discussed. They were supposed to be prior to January shoot. However Wayne pointed out that the range is in pretty good shape. Not really much work needed.

Steve Seals reviewed the dates for specialty shoots already decided upon. T.H.E. Deerman dates need to be discussed and agreed upon. The ASA date is already established. Discussion about how many club shoots The schedule Steve proposed had very little club shoots. An active and lively discussion took place about specialty vs. club shoots. Steve Seals wanted to cancel January membership shoot and make the first Deerman a membership shoot. Jeanette was highly opposed as this was to increase family membersips and also T.H.E. Deerman is such a specialty, many families would not shoot it as the way it is scored.

In the end, group voted to have Membership shoot still in January. Randy Probst made the motion to approved new schedule. Eugene seconded. Schedule for remaining shoots is as follows:

Jan 27-28 *Membership Club Shoot (club classes) California Start; Score cards in by 2 PM

Feb 17-18 Shotgun start at 10AM ** Deerman's T.H.E. 3-D Shoot (Deerman's classes)

Mar 24-25 Shotgun start at 10AM ** Deerman's T.H.E. 3-D Shoot (Deerman's classes) North Texas Grand Slam

Apr 21-22 Club Shoot (club classes) California Start; Score cards in by 2 PM

May 19-20 Club Shoot (club classes) California Start; Score cards in by 2 PM

Jun 2-3 TBOT Shoot (Traditional Classes ONLY) Saturday Daylight - Dark Sunday Score cards in 2:00 PM

Jun 23-24 ASA Qualifier (ASA Classes) Shotgun start at 9AM; Trad at 7AM


MEMBERSHIP FEES: Individual - $50 / Family - $70

Officer Elections:

Group voted in the same officers as for 2017.

President - Steve Seals

Vice President – Freddie Crowder

Treasure – Steve Milewski

Secretary – Jeanette Vaughan

Range Master – Joshua Brown

New Topics:

Steve Seals again made reminder regarding the bank business.

Wayne stated that during any “work” days that the targets that are totally shot up will be pulled from the range for safety.

Food discussion. Steve Seals pointed out that the food truck people were disappointed in the work they put in and low turn outs They will not be returning for specialty shoots. Suggestion from Steve Seals, Wayne Muir and Freddie Crowder to return to hot dogs, brats, etc. Neal Kuznar very opposed and speaking on behalf of Steve Milewski also very opposed. Steve stated that if they (Neal or Steve M.) could come up with another solution or food truck to please let him know. Motion was made by Wayne Muir to do hot dog and brats. Motion carried.