Annual Year End Meeting December 21, 2016


Freddie Crowder, Richard Crowder, Wayne Meuir, Steve Seals, Jeanette Vaughan, Randy Probst, Steve Milewski



Motion to approve given. Seconded

FINANCIAL REPORT: - Steve Milewski

* Current bank balance Sept $ 2539.60

+ 98.00 in 2017 memberships already paid.

* Concerns – no link between deposits and membership.

* Must be able to distinguish club fees for shoot, refreshments, and memberships. Need

more accurate numbers.


  1. Toilets - paid up to end of year.

  2. Clubhouse repair - No money for major roof repair. West end of roof blown off from storms. Roof to be repaired with materials and panels that Wayne has left over. Do on a work weekend to shore up present roof and fix leaks.

  3. Update on targets - Wayne Muir

Good on tournament targets after last years repair. Practice targets all shot up. Rhineharts need new cores. Once membership shoot held and funds up will purchase new cores. Wayne volunteered to repair.

Motion by Randy to purchase new cores with memberships funds. Motion seconded. Motion passed.

  1. Paypal for membership payment working well – Steve has been getting notifications of deposits. Notifying Jeanette.


  1. Membership – Randy will update all membership forms on website and facebook.

Steve will send list of paypal joins to Steve Milewski.

  1. Membership Drive Shoot - Steve Seals

  1. Lease - risk of losing lease due to increased development in area. Will have to monitor relationship with Mrs. Stroup and grandson. Several houses and commercial building going up adjacent to property. Property values going up. No change in lease price to date.

  2. S3DA – Jeanette Vaughan

Looking for new coordinator for Collin County S3DA. Jeanette does not have time to manage this struggling group. Many issues with 4-H rule and with the low turnout to tournament and disgruntlement by 4-H coordinator with payout to their organization. Nikki Milam thought tournament was fundraiser for 4-H, despite discussions with Jeanette and Steve about how money to be split. In the end, only about $65 after expenses made in the black. There is new Texas state coordinator of S3DA, no longer the Smiths. Cale Staton Cale Staton New website for Texas state group Jeanette will orient and turn over all information to any interested parties.

  1. Officer Status – Motion made to keep officers as is for 2017 by Randy Probst. Seconded by Freddie Crowder. Motion passed.

President - Steve Seals

Vice President – Freddie Crowder

Treasure – Steve Mileski

Secretary – Jeanette Vaughan

Range Master – Joshua Brown

Board members: Casey Seals; Randy Probst; Neal Kuznar

  1. ASA Insurance and Lease monies - to be paid by Steve Milewski for 2017.

  2. Review of propsed 2017 schedule – Steve Seals


NEXT MEETING: January 16th 2017 at Range