Monthly Meeting Moved to January 23, 2016

Combined with CCBA WorkDay


Freddie Crowder, Richard Crowder, Eugene Skinner, Wayne Meuir, Steve Seals, Charles Alexander, Jeanette Vaughan, Neil Kuznar, Randy Probst, Steve Milewski, Josh Brown, Alek Milewski, James Booth, Terry Boyer

New members present: Paul Hamilton, Robert Panther, Nikki Milam, Kayla Milam


Motion to approve December minutes by Jeanette Vaughan. Seconded by Wayne. Motion passed.


  1. Membership – Steve Seals

Still need to email out the letter to old members. Jeanette made commitment to get that done within the week. Received six memberships already in the mail. Three new members at the meeting. Reminder to send copy of membership form with requirement of one insurance release form per person and a copy of the schedule.

Steve, Wayne and Josh will distribute fliers to Cabelas, Academy, Josh’s bow shop, Gander Mountain, All Star Archery, and Cinnamon Creek.

Reminder on membership renewal will be sent out to all 2015 members.

  1. Vote on women using range finders. Steve updated on the classes. Women’s Hunter – can use range finder. Women’s Open ˝ can and ˝ can’t. Jeanette clarified that the classes for women in ASA were Women’s Hunter – using range finger. Women’s Known 40, use scope and range finder. Women’s Open ˝ with and ˝ without. No new stakes needed.

Motion made to include these classes for women at club shoots. Motion by Jeanette Vaughan. Eugene seconded. Motion passed.

  1. S3DA and Presentation from 4-H from Nikki Milam and Kayla Milam. Jeanette met with this group to discuss partnership in S3DA. The Field and Stream and Farmersville 4-H groups would participate. Brianna Brown expressed interest in being co-chair of this group with Kayla Milam from 4-H. Jeanette and Nikki would be adult supervision.

Discussion with officers on how this would affect insurance and membership fees. Suggested that any family with participants should join. Possibly at a discount if additional fees were required by S3DA. Jeanette will verify costs. Much discussion resulting in every one thinking it is a good idea. Next steps, Nikki Milam will present to the 4-H group members to elicit membership.

  1. Targets - most of the targets have been repaired by Wayne. Three new Rhinehardt Woodland bucks were purchased and ready for installation.

  1. ASA Membership insurance and rolls. – Steve Milewski

Wayne and Randy reviewed the process for submitting the ASA insurance and paperwork. Ten officers are allowed to be paid by club. Those will be: Charles Alexander, Freddie Crowder, Steve Seals, Neil Kuznar, Wayne Muir, Randy Probst, Eugene Skinner, Steve Milewski. Discussion to remove Dupuis and Michael Jarvis and replace with new officer Jeanette Vaughan and member Casey Seals.

Motion made by Wayne to accept. Seconded by Charles. Motion passed.

Randy will email 2015 membership list to Steve Milewski for processing.

Club house and range improvement work days today. Someone had hung new result board at club. Steve Milewski stated that he had another one that was much larger and offered to bring to club to hang.

Safety information still needs to be posted. Emergency numbers and location of range.


  1. Awards – Steve Seals

Suggested we continue cash payouts for club shoots and ASA. Possibly give T-shirts for the first shoot.

Discussion that with new classes, use color markers to code the tops of cards. Still have a box of club shoot cards. Jeanette mentioned that Tracy Smith had given ASA materials for the year, including placque awards for youth.

Wayne and Steve suggested medals or dog tags for little kids. Use up what we have first. Jimmy Gould from The Deerman does up some nice dog tags.

  1. Membership history of CCBA – Steve Seals

About 70% of members in the past were traditional. 30% compound. Starting to see that trend change with increase in compound shooters.

Charles will change code on the gate and telephone it to new members.

  1. Meeting location - Randy suggested that due to darkness at the club in winter that for next meeting, it be relocted to Josh’s bow shop, as he offered. All agreed.

  1. CCBA paperwork - Randy Probst plans to orient Jeanette Vaughan to CCBA paperwork once meeting adjourned.

MEETING ADJOURNED. CCBA WORKDAY and range improvement commenced.

NEXT MEETING: February 16th at Collin County Archery, Josh’s bowshop. 2192 Co Rd 494, Princeton, TX 75407 Phone:(214) 810-084