Monthly Meeting December 15, 2015


Freddie Crowder, Richard Crowder, Eugene Skinner, Wayne Meuir, Steve Seals, Charles Alexander, Jeanette Vaughan, Todd Smith, Randy Probst, Steve Milewski, Josh Brown


Motion to approve October and November minutes by Randy Probst. Seconded by Charles Alexander.



  1. Update on targets - Wayne Meuir

Wayne states that new Rhinehardt deer is $119.00 each Woodland Buck. Needs $550.00 for inserts 5 to 6 targets to repair. Already have the kits. These are range targets. Ten Rhineharts that need new cores.

Steve pointed out that with the deal on the Woodland Buck, CCBA could purchase three new targets and use the remaining funds for the year on the new cores. Wayne would repair.

Motion by Steve that with the funds left be used to buy three new targets and repair 8. Freddie seconded the motion. All in favor, except for Eugene who opposed. Motion passed.

  1. Paypal for membership payment – Randy Probst

No action has been taken on this for 2016 membership. Looked into it, but hit a road block on the code to get it going. Will continue working to get it done. All agree would speed deposit of funds with efficiency. Josh brown mentioned using the square. Wayne mentioned that a letter needed to go out to all old members. Jeanette agreed to do letter.

Eugene made the motion to use paypal. Richard and Josh seconded it. Motion passed.

  1. Membership Drive Shoot - Steve Seals

Charles reported that four people have already paid dues for 2016. Discussion on whether those that pay their membership at the Membership Shoot get to shoot for free as was done last year. Steve mentioned that we were trying to increase youth membership and participation by women. Most agreed a good idea.

Wayne made motion that members joining shoot for free. Josh seconded. Motion passed.

New Business:

  1. Increasing Youth Membership – Jeanette Vaughan

Jeanette Vaughan gave presentation on S3DA. She has completed the instructor course. Discussed the differences between S3DA being an after school program, allowing youth to use any bow, from traditional to compound vs. NASP which is during school and youth must use Genesis bow. Discussion about how S3DA would increase family attendance at shoots and hopefully membership. No additional tournaments needed. Tracy Smith from ASA is having an S3DA shoot at each ASA tournament as a tag on. Youth compete in the same pin classes but get separate awards. Jeanette mentioned partnering with 4-H or Junior FFA. Josh said that his daughter Brianna would be interested in co-chairing the activity as she already coaches youth.

Steve Seals said it sounded like a good idea. Would consider and vote on it at the January meeting.

  1. Feedback from women shooters - Jeanette Vaughan

Jeanette presented that several wives of shooters who participate in ASA have given feedback through the archery circuit that the reason they do not like shooting CCBA club is because no range finders are allowed for women. Women in ASA Women’s Hunter (the biggest women’s ASA class) and Women’s Known 40 (the second biggest ASA women’s class) are allowed to use range finders. Many consider club shoots practice for the ASA tournaments.

Wayne did not want any additional classes. Steve suggested adding two Women’s Hunter and Women’s Open. In Hunter, women would use range finders. In Open ˝ targets would be known, ˝ unknown. No additional stakes needed.

Steve suggested group would take this in consideration and vote at the next meeting in January.

  1. Steve brought up the proposed schedule that had been emailed out to all members. Wayne made a motion to accept schedule as is – no conflicts noted. Charlie seconded. Motion to accept 2016 schedule passed.

  1. Discussion on which 12 to use for shoots. Wayne made motion to use center twelve. Eugene seconded. Motion passed.

  1. Renewal notice on PO box – Charlie. Charlie said he would pay it in lew of dues. All agreed.

  1. Election of officers for 2016 – Steve Seals. Wayne made a motion to keep all the people currently serving as officers in place as is. Steve Seals – President. Richard seconded it. Motion passed.


NEXT MEETING: January 19th at Range