Charles Alexander, Wayne Meuir, Eugene Skinner, Freddie Crowder, Terry Witt, Amy Witt, and Spencer Witt


Current Bank Balance $3306.68 (See treasurerís printed report for details)


  1. Saturday June 25, we have committed to work the Archery Field for Kids for Cabela's in Allen. Charles, Wayne, Bud, Todd, and anyone else who would like can come and help the kids shoot a few arrows. Steve is going to make arrangements with Cabela's for Parking Passes.

  2. ASA Qualifier Details

    1. Wayne will buy some 5 Spot Indoor Targets to use on practice range.

    2. We will put some of the backstops that Jim Booth built on the practice range with target bags hanging on them to increase the number of practice targets.

    3. Wayne and Charles will mow the range on Tuesday, June 28.

    4. Wayne will order two Portable Toilets to be delivered for the ASA Shoot and placed in the mowed area near the running target.  One marked for ladies, the other marked for men.

    5. We decided to set the course up very much like it was for the Invitational so we can keep most of it in the shade. We do need to follow ASA guidelines for setting them and mix up the distances so it is not boring or a physical beat down.

    6. We will have 5 water stations with 9 water cans on the range plus one large can at the club house.

    7. Wayne to buy some exterior latex paint from Home Depot so we can paint the rings we burned into the Rhinehart targets to make them less noticeable from shooting stakes.

    8. We decided to have Bar-B-Que Sandwiches at $6.00 each including Potato Salad/Chips, Cobbler and a drink since we have a lot of meat and two full cobblers left over from the Invitational. Wayne agreed to cook a couple more briskets to be sure we do not run out.

    9. We decided to set the targets on Thursday, June 30 starting at 4:30 PM

    10. We will not set the shooting stakes until Friday afternoon around 5:00 PM

    11. Wayne will try to get Tracy Smith to come and do a walk thru with us at that time to be sure we have it set to ASA Standards.

    12. Our Club will need folks to help with the registration.  Amy Witt volunteered to assist, and Charles said he will help as well.

    13. Charles held $440 out of on Invitational gate fees to put into our change box for use at the ASA shoot.

    14. We need to gather clipboards for folks to use to fill out their registration.

    15. Wayne intends to shoot the course at 7:30 and then be back in time to work the food service area.