Collin County Bowhunters Assoc

Emergency Meeting Minutes

January 26, 2011

An emergency meeting was called on Jan 26, 2011 to discuss an opportunity to buy twenty McKenzie XT targets at a huge discount directly from McKenzie.

Members Present

Charlie Alexander, Randy Probst, Billy Sandlin, Wayne Meuir, Eugene Skinner, Freddie Crowder, Richard Crowder, T.R. Crowder, Roger Allen, Steve Seals, Mark Watts

New Business

  1. McKenzie has offered to sell our club 20 targets from the ASA Pro-Am in Paris, Texas that will be held April 2/3. These targets will be new when they are set out at the Pro-Am and will have been shot only on one side and only for two days when we receive them. They offered these targets to us for $3000, or $150 each. Additionally, they offered to supply us with a replacement core for each target for an additional $500, or $25 each.  The retail value of all of this is close to $8000 if bought new. These targets will have to be picked up by our club members at the end of the Pro-Am on Sunday April 3rd. Wayne, Randy, Steve, and a couple of others volunteered to make the trip to Paris on that day to get the targets.  One of the members has agreed to provide $2500 for this purchase as a loan to be paid back by the club as the money becomes available with no specific due date.  The members present approved the purchase and Wayne will proceed with getting the logistics worked out, the money paid, and pick up instructions from McKenzie.

  2. There was evidently some confusion as to what method we are going to use to score the 12 Rings on our regular club tournaments so we discussed the issue and this is what we voted to do:

We will count ONLY the HIGH 12 if the target has a HIGH 12 ring on it.

If the target DOES NOT HAVE A HIGH 12, WE WILL COUNT THE CENTER 12. This may be the case on some of the smaller targets.

We will insure that EVERY target has a 12 Ring and will burn them on if necessary.

Meeting Adjourned