Charlie Alexander, Billy Sandlin, Randy Probst, Wayne Meuir, Bud Murphy, Todd Smith, Freddie Crowder, Eugene Skinner, Mark Watts


Bank Balance $962.21


Bud talked to Daniel Copeland and they no longer have any crushed asphalt to sell


  1. One of the TBOT loaner longbows disappeared during the TBOT shoot and no one knows where it went.

  2. LSBA was very pleased with our shoot set up and would like to come back here to have another LSBA non-banquet shot next year. Everyone agreed that it was a worthwhile thing to do.

  3. Bud plans to set targets for the Invitational on Wednesday, June 23 thru Friday June 25.

  4. Wayne will bring all the food for Invitational, same as last year, Bud will cook the beans. Wayne and Randy will smoke the meat. Hamburgers and hot dogs will be provided for those who do not like smoked pork.

  5. Wayne plans to mow the main areas of the range sometime during the week prior to the shoot. Todd also plans to bring and mower if necessary.

  6. Bud plans to clear some lanes that have not been used in a while so that the shoot can be different from recent ones.

  7. Motion was made, seconded, and approved to set aside $250.00 to be spent on Door Prizes for the Invitational and Randy will take care of purchasing them.

  8. Wayne reported that North Texas Archery in Farmersville will be donating to our collection of door prizes, but exactly what we will get is yet unknown.

  9. Randy is going to take a Club Letterhead to Academy Sports, and they have agreed to donate some stuff to us as well.

  10. Todd and Steve are both donating a few items of their own.

  11. Discussion was made about raffling off more of our old targets, but the general consensus was that we need to keep what we have left for the practice range.

  12. Charlie said we need to cut our old standing bear target apart and reassemble using the new mid section that is in the trailer. No one volunteered to do that, but Wayne is going to look into getting a glue kit from Rinehart to use to do that repair. Should be very simple to do if we can get the kit.

  13. Wayne brought up discussion related to ASA. He talked to Gene Bohanon from Cowtown when he met him at the Rinehart 100 about our very low turnout at our regular shoots. That discussion led to Gene’s recommendation that we try to host an ASA Qualifier. Gene’s opinion is that an ASA Qualifier will bring in more money than any other shoot that we can have. There is mixed opinions from members present whether it is worthwhile or not and Steve is going to contact a Guy that he knows that runs ASA and see what the minimum requirements are related to Targets, Scoring, etc.

  14. We also discussed adopting the 12 ring scoring rules like ASA uses in order to conform to what most other clubs in the area. No decision was reached.