Collin County Bowhunters Association

Meeting Minutes March 16, 2010

Members Present

Charlie Alexander, Randy Probst, Billy Sandlin, Eugene Skinner, Wayne Meuir, Chad Meuir, Max Meuir, Roger Allen, Neal Kuznar

Treasurer’s Report

Bank Balance after all outstanding debt: $1015.26

Old Business

  1. Billy has ordered and paid for 4 target replacement center sections plus 1 brand new target from Sandy Horne to be shipped to Bud Murphy’s shop.

  2. We still need to stuff targets for the practice range. We agreed to remove the 60 yard bag completely, buy 3 new bag covers and re-stuff them.

  3. We are going to try to stuff one bag with bubble pack and see if it will hold up to compound arrows. Chad Meuir can get all the bubble pack we need for free if it works.

  4. Jackie Skinner believes he can get a back hoe on a weekend to help lay the drainage pipe in our driveway. This has to be tables until we get our target situation under control.

New Business

  1. Roger Allen joined the club at this meeting as a working member and has committed to working at the August Shoot.

  2. We need to check finances right after the March Shoot coming up this week end to see what kind of funds we have to order from 4 to 6 new targets from Sandy Horne in order to get them here by the LSBA Shoot date.

  3. Randy has renewed the CCBA Website Domain Name for one more year.

  4. We voted to do away with the Money Shoot effective immediately.

  5. Wayne agreed to take care of bringing the concession stuff to the range for the tournament.

  6. Charlie Alexander took Raffle Ticket Numbers 655-664

  7. Billy Sandlin took Raffle Ticket Numbers 665-674

  8. Roger Allen took Raffle Ticket Numbers 676-679

  9. We agreed to take a look at the shot up targets in the storage shed this week end and put a few more of them out on the practice range.

Meeting Adjourned