Collin County Bowhunters Association

July 21, 2009 Meeting Minutes


Members Present


Treasurer Report

Current Bank Balance       $2574.40

Outstanding bills               $  468.88

Adjusted Balance              $2105.52


Old Business

1.     Billy installed new lock on door.


New Business

1.     Charlie initiated discussion on the small Rinehart targets.  The standing bear, frog mosquito, and bobcat need new cores.  It was decided to look at finances after next shoot.  If there is enough money, we will order this year.  Also mentioned that the javelina and coyote targets are about used up as well.

2.     Discussion on the number of conflicts with other shoots this year.  Decision made to not set our schedule for 2010 until we know the ASA and TBOT schedules.

3.     There have been request for the running target to be fixed.  Billy will try to set pole needed to adjust the fall rate of cable.

4.     Dave Neidigh donated an old deer and bear targets to the club.  They are not good enough to use in a tournament, but are good enough for practice targets.  We will decide at the end of season if we will pay him for them.


Meeting Adjourned