Collin County Bowhunters Association

June 16, 2009 Meeting Minutes


Members Present


Charlie Alexander, Billy Sandlin, Randy Probst, Wayne Meuir, Eugene Skinner, Todd Smith, and Bud Murphy


Treasurer Report


Current Bank Balance                                                             $895.16

Add Cash from TBOT Shoot   Gate Fee                                    460.00

Add Cash from TBOT Concessions                                          212.00

Add Cash from Visitor Money Box                                             20.00

                                                            Sub Total                  $1587.16

Outstanding Debt

Deduct Payment to Wayne for Targets bought in March             584.53

Deduct Payment to Wayne for Food for TBOT Shoot                118.56

Deduct for Payment for Portable Toilet                                     180.63

                                                            Ending Balance          $703.44


Old Business


  1. Motion made and passed that we not spend any more money on door prizes for the Invitational Shoot


New Business


  1. Motion made and passed to raise the price of the Dinner at the Invitational Shoot to $6.00
  2. Wayne --- buy food, drinks, and supplies for the Invitational
  3.  Billy--- provide smoker
  4.  Bud --- cook  beans
  5.  Bud and Clara---smoke meat with Wayne and Randy’s help
  6.  Motion was made and passed to limit the Buckle Rounds at the Invitational to be ONLY the first round shot for EACH Contestant.  All subsequent rounds by that Contestant will be FUN Rounds ONLY and NOT Eligible for buckle.
  7. The shooting fee for ALL rounds, both Buckle Rounds and Fun Rounds will be at the normal shooting fees: $5.00 for Club Members and $15.00 for Non-Members.
  8. Randy will post a notice on our Website addressing the rumors of complaints from contestants about how we are handling the Money Shoots. The Money Shoots are entirely on the honor system and the pay out is 100% of the entry fee.  Since the Club makes absolutely nothing for doing this we may discontinue the Money Shoots entirely if the complaints or rumors of complaints persist.
  9. Randy brought up and issue about the kill rings on the new Rhinehart targets.   The targets have two or more different kill zones marked based on the position of the target in relation to the shooter.  Bud agreed to make a poster to hang at the club house indicating how to determine which rings to count.


Meeting Adjourned