MARCH 17, 2009




Charlie Alexander              John Evans           Wayne Meuir      

Randy Probst                      Eugene Skinner    Todd Smith






Current Balance                                                                              $2226.92

Less Outstanding Cash Receipts                                                       619.36

Plus Cash from Red Box and Membership Dues                               25.00


Final Bank Balance                                                                         $1632.54




  1. Billy still needs to coordinate with bank to get new signatures set up.
  2. Billy will find a time to get with Randy and Wayne to explain how to repair old targets and to provide the kits.  Wayne and Randy have agreed to do the target repairs.
  3. Bill said Portable Toilet is scheduled to be delivered Wed 3/18 or Thur 3/19, but if it does not happen, he will get the one from the Ranch for this weeks tournament.




  1. Randy brought up the fact that the mud hole in our drives way needs to have rock put in it.  Todd said he would talk to Bud and see if he knew where to get some rock cheap since he had found it for us before.
  2. Mulch needs to be spread under the awning at the clubhouse to try to cut down on the mud problem.  Todd said he needed to do a workday and would work on it.  Charlie Alexander said he would help.
  3. Club voted to spend the money for two deer sized targets and a check for their purchase was signed and given to Randy.  Randy and Wayne will get that done by this weekend.
  4. Wayne agreed to buy two more targets and hold the paper until the club can get a little more money together.  Club voted to go ahead and do that and will pay it as soon as practical.
  5. Wayne is going to buy a Mathews Genesis bow to give away as a Cub and Mini Cub door prize at our Invitational Shoot in June.  We will display it at the next three tournaments in hopes of bringing in more kids to the shoots.  The club is in no way responsible for the cost, this is a donation.  Randy will put a blurb on the Website about the door prize.
  6. Billy suggested putting a cheap rain gutter to run the water from the club house awning off to the west side of the club house to eliminate some of the mud.
  7. Wayne is going to procure all the food and drinks for the March tournament.  Billy and Jimmy will be responsible for setting the targets, running the shoot and picking up targets after the shoot.
  8. Randy suggested putting a list of dues paying 2009 Club Members on the bulletin board.  Wayne Agreed to print one off that we can post/




  1. Billy to check with bank on signatures
  2. Billy to set up time for Randy and Wayne to come and learn how to repair targets
  3. Billy to get Portable Toilet for the shoot this weekend
  4. Todd Smith and Charlie will spread mulch under awning at clubhouse.
  5. Wayne will buy Mathews Kids Bow and have it for display at the March shoot.
  6. Wayne and Randy will buy four targets and have them out before the March shoot.
  7. Randy to put blurb in Website about the kids bow give-away.
  8. Charlie will check on some cheap guttering for the club house
  9. Wayne will print a list of dues paid members to post on Bulletin Board