Jan 20, 2009


Members In Attendance:

Charlie Alexander

Billy Sandlin

Randy Probst

Eugene Skinner

Wayne Meuir

Treasurer’s Report:

Bank Balance is currently $1256.74

Insurance has been paid.

Land lease has been paid

There is no other outstanding debt.

There are a few membership registrations that have not yet been deposited.

Old Business

  1. Minutes of Dec 16, 2008 meeting approved as read.
  2. Todd Smith purchased the last outstanding Charter Membership.
  3. Wayne Meuir presented the current prices for concession material and it was agreed that we had to raise prices slightly for 2009 based on our current cost for food and supplies.  The new prices will be as follows:





All Drinks


Hot Dogs


Hot Links




  1. We still have an opening for Range Master for the month of March.  All other months are covered.

New Business

  1. It was agreed that we would keep a current list of club members on our Website.
  2. It was requested by Randy that he receive club or hunting related pictures to put up on our Website, so if anyone has some they would like to share, forward them to him.
  3. We ordered five new target bag covers from North Texas Archery @ $15 each which should be here in a week or so for use on the practice range.
  4. Billy is gong to try to get a load of wood chips to put on some of the trails to keep mud problems to a minimum.
  5. Domain name for our Website expires in March.  Randy will renew it at a cost of around $10.
  6. We need two or three deer sized targets as quickly as possible.  Motion was made and seconded to wait until after the February shoot and then try to buy McKenzie’s locally to get us by until we can get enough money to order the Rinehart’s that we really need.  All agreed.
  7. Billy agreed to order a couple of repair kits and try to repair as many targets as possible to get us through the February and March shoot.  Charlie and Wayne agreed to help repair them if needed.
  8. Billy is checking on making arrangements for a Portable Toilet and may have found a source that is considerably cheaper that the service we had last year. He will get the unit placed before the February shoot.
  9. Billy indicated that we need to add Wayne Meuir to the checking account signature list so that we have four people who can sign checks in case one of the currently approved folks is out of pocket.  The four approvals will then be Charlie Alexander, Billy Sandlin, Randy Probst, and Wayne Meuir.  Wayne will search old minutes to find procedure for doing that.
  10. Randy suggested we create a Checklist for use at the December meeting each year so that we do not forget important issues that need to be addressed. Everyone agreed.  No action item assigned to anyone.
  11. It was agreed that the lock combinations on all locks would be changed for security reasons.  The only persons who need the new combination will be the officers and the Range Masters.  If you have agreed to be a Range Master for ANY month in 2009, please contact Charlie Alexander, Billy Sandlin, or Randy Probst and you will be given the lock combination.
  12. Wayne Meuir reported that the Trophies for the February shoot are on order and will be available prior to the shoot date.
  13. It was decided to table any repair on the running target until funds are established to put up a new target and repair the roller system. 
  14. Wayne Meuir brought up the need for Styrofoam back stop blocks to help both save lost arrows and to speed up the tournament.  No one knows where the material can be purchased but Wayne and Randy will look into it and check on cost.
  15. Wayne will correct errors in the Charter Member list on the Score Sheets.

Action Items:

  1. Randy to renew domain name in March
  2. Billy to order target repair kits and coordinate getting targets repaired.
  3. Billy to make arrangements for Portable Toilet prior to Feb. shoot.
  4. Wayne to try to find procedure for changing Checking Account Signatures
  5. Wayne/Randy to investigate where to buy Styrofoam backstop material.
  6. Wayne to correct errors in Charter Member List.

Meeting Adjourned