Meeting 12-18-2007


Members present:

Bud, Boady, Billy, Jimmy, Todd, Dustin, Charlie, Eugene, Jackie, Bruce, Scott, Wayne, Mr.and Mrs. Murphy, Randy, Glenn, Jodie, and other associates.


Old Business :

Minutes from last month read and accepted.

Web site up and running.  Minutes from meeting will be posted on there.

Treasurer’s report $ 3041.62  less 512.00 food

Rock was delivered and spread. 

Motion made and accepted to pay insurance of 625.00


New Business:

Range Master  Feb-  Wayne Meuir

                         Mar- Bruce Dixon

                         April- Freddie Crowder

                         May- Billy Sandlin

                         June – Bud Murphy

                         July- Charlie Alexander

                         Aug  - Jackie Skinner


Wayne is doing trophies.

All charter members will be taken care of.

Voting in of new membership requirements accepted.


New officers for 2008:

Charlie Alexander -  President

Randy Probst – Vice President

Billy Sandlin - Treasurer

Boady Sandlin – Secretary / Web Master


New Directors for 2008: 

Eugene Skinner - regular member representative

Freddie Crowder

Wayne Meuir

Rick Swartz

Scott Powell

Bud Murphy 


Currently looking for date for the ASA shoot.