March 20, 2007
Members Present: Bud Murphy, Randy Probst, Robert Garner, Rick Schwarz, Wayne Meuir, Eugene Skinner, Boady Sandlin, Billy Sandlin, and BJ Sandlin.
Approved Minutes from No January 2007 Meeting, February 20, 2007 meeting minutes approved.
Treasurer Report. $4055.63
Old Business:
Robert Garner went to the band and found out how to transfer treasurer responsibility to Billy Sandlin.
New Business:
Billy checked on prices for new targets. Approved spending for $1750.00 to purchase:
2 Coyotes
2 Jake Turkeys
2 Javelinas
2 Med Deer
1 Boar
1 Strutting Turkey
Respectfully Submitted,
Scott Powell/CCBA Secretary