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70 Acres 20+ 3D Targets

Welcome to the homepage of the Collin County Bowhunters Association Inc.. The desire of the original Charter Members was to create a place to practice the art of Bowhunting while encouraging the sport of archery through joint interest and participation. The club is committed to the sport of bowhunting.

The club has a range northeast of Princeton near Verona, Texas. The range has open hilly trails with woody areas for shooting. We host 3-D shoots February thru August each year. We offer a practice range for all members to be used year around. There are practice bags from 10 to 50 yards and there are multiple 3D targets for practice setup through out the range.

At our club shoots we setup 30 3D targets. You can shoot on either Saturday or Sunday. Awards will be given out after all scores are tallied on Sunday for both days of shooting.

Events 2024

  • Jul-24-2024 | Texas Firefighers Olympic Archery Shoot (Range Closed)
  • Jul-25-2024 | Texas Firefighers Olympic Archery Shoot (Range Closed)
  • Sep-14-2024 | MAC Hunter Warmup
  • Sep-15-2024 | MAC Hunter Warmup

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